Come Away With Me CD - Norah Jones

Come Away With Me CD

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  1. Don't Know Why (Jesse Harris)
  2. Seven Years (Lee Alexander)
  3. Cold Cold Heart (Hank Williams)
  4. Feelin' the Same Way (Lee Alexander)
  5. Come Away with Me (Norah Jones)
  6. Shoot the Moon (Jesse Harris)
  7. Turn Me On (John D. Loudermilk)
  8. Lonestar (Lee Alexander)
  9. I've Got to See You Again (Jesse Harris)
  10. Painter Song (Lee Alexander/J.C. Hopkins)
  11. One Flight Down (Jesse Harris)
  12. Nightingale (Norah Jones)
  13. The Long Day Is Over (Jesse Harris/Norah Jones)
  14. The Nearness of You (Hoagy Carmichael/Ned Washington)

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